Sap Basis


SAP Basis Overview

  • My SAP Business Suite and my SAP
  • ERP Definition of SAP Net Weaver
  • The SAP Release Strategy
  • Introduction To SAP R/3


  • What Is an SAP System?
  • ERP
  • Hardware requirement of ERP(OS & DATABASE )
  • Configuring SAP Logon
  • Versions
  • Analysis Transactions

Significance of SAP Service Market Place
Planning the Installation of SAP ERP Component

Installation and post Installation

  • ASAP Methodology
  • Planning and the preparation for Installation
  • Installation on Windows
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Installing and Patching Oracle Database Software
  • Central Instance Installation
  • Database Instance Installation
  • Dialog Instance Installation
  • Troubleshooting of Installation Problems
  • Post-Installation Activities of ERP Component
  • SAP GUI Installation and installing the GUI Patches
  • Starting and Stopping the SAP System
  • System Start Process
  • Log tracing techniques in SAP and OS
  • System Shutdown and Startup process and analysis
  • Starting and Stopping SAP under Windows and UNIX Operating Systems
  • SPAM/SAINT Upgrade
  • How to download the patches and applying Patches, Support Packages from service market place
  • Seen Whole system fragmentation
  • SAP Note AND Patches
  • Applying Notes using SNOTE
  • Kernel Upgrade
  • Installation of Languages like Arabic, Chinese etc
  • Logon Screen Customizing of the SAP System
  • Client
  • Administration
  • Local Client
  • Copy Client
  • Export Import
  • Remote Client
  • Copy

Client Comparison and Maintenance Tools

  • System Landscape
  • Single system
  • landscape Two
  • system
  • Landscape Three
  • system
  • Landscape Multi
  • System
  • Landscape

Transport Management System
TMS Terminology And Concepts
Configuring TMS & Checking Transport
Directory Configuring Transport Domain
Controller & Group Configuring Virtual
Sap System & Displaying Configuration
Including Sap Systems In The Transport Domain
Creating Consolidated Routes and Delivery Routes Transport Directory Vs Transport Domain
Troubleshooting Transports
Cleaning Up the Transport Directory

Change and Transport System
Customizing Request and
Workbench Requests Releasing
Requests through Customizing/
Workbench /Transport Organizer
Importing Change Requests

Support Activates
Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
Dispatcher Process
Message server
Work process
Architecture Dialog
Work Process
Background Work
Process Update
Work Process
Enqueue Work

Process Spool work
SAP Transactions
System Logs
Various Monitoring Techniques and Tcodes Working with
ABAP Dumps

SAP Background
Fundamentals of Background
Processing Various types of
Background Jobs Scheduling
the Background jobs
Monitoring the Background

SAP Spool Administration
Overview of spool process
Configure and Troubleshoot SAP Printers

Profile Maintenance and Parameter Setting

  • Default
  • Profile
  • Start
  • Profile
  • Instance
  • Profile

Operation Modes

  • Define an Operation Mode Day And Night Operations
  • Manual Switching
  • Of Modes
  • Exceptional Mode
  • Monitoring

Introduction to
Alert Monitors
Analyzing Alerts and Performance & Tuning
System Monitoring with CCMS

Tools for SAP System
Administration Daily Tasks
in System Management
SAP Service Marketplace
SAP Developer Network
Setting up Remote
Fundamentals and
Types of RFC Setting up
RFC Connections

Performance & Server Monitoring, Tuning and
Workload Analysis
Performance Analysis
Monitors SAP Memory
Hardware Capacity
Verification Expensive
SQL Statements
SAP Table
Update request
Lock entries
Os monitoring

Security Administration
User Administration
Creating and Maintaining User Master Records
Logon and Password Security
Super Users
Creating And Maintaining Single User's mass Users And User
Copying Deleting Locking/Unlocking Users
Creation of Authorization Object
Creation of Authorization Class and maintaining the
Authorization Profile Create/Maintaining
Authorization/Create/Maintaining Roles/Generating Profiles
by Using PFCG
Creating Single and
Composite Roles Deriving
and Comparing Roles
Transporting and
Distributing Roles
Inserting Missing

Data Migration,
i. LSMW,
ii. BDC
5. Project Scenarios and SAP Implementation Life Cycle:
A. Project Preparation,
B. Creation of Business Blue Print,
i. Creation of AS IS Document,
ii. Creation of TO BE Document,
iii. BBP Signoff activity,
C. Realization and Testing,
i. System Integration Testing(SIT),
a. Creation of FS,
b. Getting field details and building the logics,
ii. User Acceptance Testing(UAT),
D. Final Preparation including Cutover Activities
E. Go Live and Post Implementation Support,
i. Documentation and precautions,
ii. Ticket Handling with priorities,

Customization Request:
A. TR Creation,
B. TR Copy,
C. TR Release,
D. TR Movement.

7. Special class