SAP BI/ BO Contents :

Data Extraction

  • Generic Extractor Creation in RSO2
  • Extractor Checker and Delta Queue and Extraction Queue in R3 Side
  • Create Custom Table and Structure in R3 Side
  • LO and FI Datasources and Delete and Fill Set up table
  • Create Flat File Datasource
  • Install Standard Datasources
  • Datasource Enhancement

Data Loading

  • Data loading and Monitoring for Transactional and Master Datasources
  • Process Chain Monitoring and Troubleshoot Data loading Issues
  • Update Mode for Loading - Full Load, Init Load, Delta Load and Repair Full Load


  • Using Bex Desginer to Create Queries and Workbook
  • Using Bex Analyzer for Reporting


  • Data Modeling - Creation of DSO, Cube, Multiprovider, Infoobjects, Infoarea,
  • DTP/Transformation, Infopackages , Datasources etc
  • Create Infoobject and Attributes, Texts for Master Data
  • Create Process Chain
  • Extended Star Schema
  • Install BW Content
  • Useful Transaction Codes in R3 and BW Side Like RSRT, RSRV, SM12, SM37, ST22, SM50,
  • SM62, SE03, SM36, SE14, RSA2
  • Performance optimization - Aggregates and Compression and ABAP Code in BI
  • Use Metadata repository
  • Create Hierarchy and Maintenance
  • Create, Collect and Transport Requests and Use Transport Connection
  • Open Hub